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  • January 19, 2021

    Land sales expertise

    Fraser Forbes can work with you to yield the best return on your land assets.
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    Frequently Asked Questions About Fraser Forbes


    Why should I hire Fraser Forbes?
    Founded in 1995, the firm's senior professionals have over 200 years of combined industry experience. In addition to having the best-in-class team, Fraser Forbes has consummated over 650 land transactions valued in excess of $5.5 billion, including 60,000 residential lots and 8 million square feet of commercial development. Most importantly to you, retaining Fraser Forbes adds value to your property. Specifically, Fraser Forbes has delivered an average of 20% above market value to its clients, net of our transaction fees. Put our 20+ years' experience and market expertise to work for you.

    What should I expect when preparing to sell my property?
    A Fraser Forbes sales professional will meet with you to discuss your needs, goals and objectives. The next step will be to specifically assess your property's highest and best value (Broker's Opinion of Value/BOV) and come up with a business strategy for the disposition of your property.

    Can Fraser Forbes advise me of a particular property's development potential?
    YES. Fraser Forbes is an expert in recognizing and helping you achieve your property's full market potential. Our team has extensive entitlement and development experience (See Case Studies for examples). Additionally, our comprehensive network of engineers, land planners, local politicians, land use attorneys, tax attorneys and other real estate professionals are available on an as-needed basis to ensure your project's success.

    What if I am not ready to sell my property?
    A complimentary consultation with a Fraser Forbes professional will allow you to be ready when the right time arises. Like any business deal, there is an appropriate time to act, especially in real estate. Fraser Forbes' knowledge and experience in the marketplace can help you determine the optimal timing for your listing your property. We will then work for you when that time comes.

    Why shouldn't I attempt to sell my own property?
    Simply put, your bottom line. Fraser Forbes' has over 20+ years' experience in maximizing property values for our clients. Please visit our website at www.fraserforbes.com for our numerous client Testimonials. You may be able to find a buyer, but we specialize in achieving the best price and terms possible. We actively market your property and then represents you in all negotiations, protecting your best interests. Having a company on your side with a proven record of success can only help you! Think of it this way - if you found a Picasso in your attic, would you sell it to the first buyer that came along? Or would you retain an experienced art appraiser or art dealer to help you get the best price? Your property is your Picasso! Let us help you get the most out of it. Competition in the marketplace by buyers drives property values up.

    Why should I use a broker?
    Land and property sales is an inherently complex business. Even the most sophisticated parties turn to Fraser Forbes when they are looking to buy and sell real estate. It is no coincidence that Fraser Forbes has been involved in many of the largest land deals in the region over the past 20 years.

    If you are selling property, you will want an expert to help you overcome the many hurdles that will lie in your path. For example, selling land for its highest value and best use will usually entail getting property rezoned and engineered - often a very lengthy and time-consuming process. It will also mean identifying the most capable buyer - the one with the best combination of financial wherewithal and political savvy. The right buyer will assemble the best team of consultants (engineers, attorneys, architects, environmental consultants, public relations professionals, lenders, etc.) that are needed to get you to the finish line. Fraser Forbes has the experience and proven track record of meeting clients' goals, overcoming challenges and knowing the correct advisors to bring into the process. Finding the right buyer is only part of the equation. Assisting both the seller and buyer in assembling the right comprehensive team is crucial to your success.

    How long will it take for my property to sell?
    After analyzing your property and assessing the market, our professionals can give you a realistic time frame in which you can expect us to find the right buyer at the right price.


    What are Fraser Forbes' Real Estate Management and Advisory Services?
    Real estate assets are complex and require a great deal of expertise in order to best maximize value through the planning and entitlement process. The Fraser Forbes Management and Advisory Services groups provide development and asset management solutions to clients so that their property can generate the best possible value.

    Management and Advisory Services include, but are not limited to, market studies, financial analysis and modeling, and management of the planning and entitlement process.

    Why should I hire the Fraser Forbes Management and Advisory Services team?
    The Fraser Forbes Management and Advisory Services team has the benefit of the strongest land sales team in the region behind it. This support allows Fraser Forbes' research, analysis and real-time market knowledge to consistently be aligned. This type of relationship within one firm is unique and allows for the most complete market recommendations and management platforms in the land business. Our unmatched roster of talented land professionals interfaces with one another daily to maintain a real-time pulse on the market. Whether you hire the Fraser Forbes team of Sales, Financing, Advisory or Management Services individually or as a whole, you will benefit greatly from our expertise.


    What type of financing services do you offer?
    Our team assists clients with the placement of senior debt, mezzanine and equity financing. The sources of capital are varied and provide acquisition, permanent and ground-up construction financing.

    How long does the financing process take?
    The financing process can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months, depending on the complexity of the project and the number of investors and lenders involved.

    Who are your capital sources?
    Our capital sources consist of institutional and private lenders and investors that include pensions, endowments, family offices, investment managers, opportunity funds, banks, insurance companies, private equity and other global sources of capital.


    What are Fraser Forbes Consulting Services (FFCS)?
    Since 1995 Fraser Forbes Real Estate has been an industry leader for property and land sales. FFCS was launched in 2013 in response to market demand to assist our clients in maximizing the value of their real estate assets. FFCS recognizes the complex and unique nature of real estate. We offer a variety of consulting services such as land acquisition and disposition strategy, project management services such as entitlements, sales and marketing and HOA formation, market studies and development management. (For a complete list see Scope of Consulting Services).

    Why should I hire FFCS?
    Our team of industry professionals, with decades of experience handling complex real estate issues, are recognized industry experts. FFCS can bring about the best results for you in the most cost efficient and timely manner.

    How much will engaging FFCS cost?
    We will tailor a Scope of Services to meet your individual goals and address cost structure on a case-by-case basis. FFCS understands that each client's situation is different. We offer flexible payments structures to meet your needs.

    Are any projects too large or too small?
    NO. FFCS handles the entire spectrum of real estate assets from individual parcels in rural areas up to large, master-planned communities to include both rental and for-sale multi-family projects.

    What geographic areas does FFCS cover?
    Our team's expertise includes the Washington, DC MSA, the Baltimore MSA and the Mid-Atlantic region including Delaware Beaches, Philadelphia Metropolitan Area and West Virginia.

    How do I get started with FFCS?
    For a personalized, private consultation please contact us.