S&W was founded in 2008 as a private utility company that buys and manages sewer and water assessments. S&W compliments Fraser Forbes’ services and helps reduce headaches for our builder clients as well as unlock greater value for sellers. With the same core principals as Fraser Forbes, S&W has established itself in the market as a trustworthy and collaborative partner.

EVOLV was founded in 2022 with the same values in mind and at the encouragement of the building community. One of the first Build For Rent companies in the DMV, buying new homes for the growing rental pool.  EVOLV leverages land acquisitions, entitlement, development, and construction by national and region homebuilding partners, and then manage and lease them through stabilization where we then sell each portfolio. 

While other firms exploring this space are seen by builders as competition, EVOLV is being lauded as another potential value-add proposition by national and regional players who anticipate strong partnership.